Josh Tiemann’s roots run small town strong and Texas deep. Raised on a small cattle ranch in La Grange, the same town that served as inspiration to ZZ Top, Josh’s childhood was a country boy’s dream.
He grew up with wide-open spaces, pick-ups, and pastures. The local radio station near his home still comes in clear with an endless loop of classic country. In addition to molding Josh’s sound, those classics were the perfect soundtrack for hauling hay and working cows, two of the many chores that shaped Tiemann’s character and strength. 
And there was plenty of strength. When you stand six foot six, a coach will quickly find you some shoulder pads. Under the Friday night-lights, this guitar strumming farm kid found a place on both the offensive and defensive line, helping the hometown to a state title. When his head wasn’t under a helmet, it was lost in harmony. Josh was introduced to the guitar at eight years old, and stayed involved with music throughout grade school.
It was during his college years at Texas A&M that he began to write and record original songs. Those years in College Station coincided with a swell in popularity for Texas Country. Every dance hall and smoky beer joint packed ‘em in tight to see artists like Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen. The songs had honest lyrics and the music was authentic country with a fiddle and steel guitar. He didn’t know at the time, but in 2014 his band would open for an original of Texas country, Roger Creager. During that time Josh also competed in the discus for the nationally ranked Aggie Track and Field Team. His commitment to his craft paid off as he became a two-time All Big 12 athlete and he competed at the NCAA National Championship his senior year. 
After graduation, Josh moved to Austin, Texas and joined the Rusty Nails Band. Not long after Tiemann was ready to capture his own sounds with lyrics about his own life. Josh set out to build his own band, and there was no place like home. In 2012, along with his wife Jen and son Samuel, Josh came back to where it all started.
Today the Josh Tiemann band is based out of La Grange. Josh is a career firefighter and full time family man. If you find yourself driving through La Grange on Hwy 77 near the Colorado River, roll down your windows and listen close. You might just hear a guitar chord and a line about cowboy living.  Yes, that sound is coming from an old barn, the perfect place for a country jam session.

Over his musical career, Josh has been blessed to be on lineups that included Zane Williams, Bart Crow, Roger Creager, TUB, Sam Riggs, Jake Kellen, Kylie Frey, Charley Pride and Gary Allan.